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About Us

Chris Chen

has served as a highly successful field strategist for winning political campaigns ranging from the California Special Election in 2005, to the Mike Feuer campaign for California State Assembly in 2006, to Nancy Krasne’s upset victory in her 2007 city council race in Beverly Hills.

During the 2003-2004 presidential election cycle, Chris co-created the concept of swing state campaign trips for volunteers from “safe” states. With a volunteer staff, help from local officials and a bootstrap budget, Chris organized and launched Southwest Victory Express, a swing state program focused on Arizona and New Mexico in late 2003. This highly successful program was featured by CNN, The Nation and in the Arizona Republic. The swing state program was eventually adopted by all Democratic and Republican presidential campaigns and is now a staple of every run for national office.

Chris is a graduate of UCLA, where he studied English and Political Science. He has lived in the L.A. area for 20 years, and currently resides in the Hancock Park area of Los Angeles.